•  The project “Measures for improving the market penetration of climate-friendly technologies without halogenated substances in the context of the review of the F-gas Regulation” has been carried out in cooperation with Öko-Institut e.V. (UFO-PLAN 3711 43 324).
    A presentation given at the “Symposium on the proposal for the review of the F-gas Regulation” in Sindelfingen on 28 March 2014 is available here (in German only): Künftige Entwicklung der HFKW-Nachfrage in Deutschland
    Further information on the symposium are available online at the Umweltbundesamt website:
  • The project “Further support for conducting the review of Regulation (EC) No. 842/2006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases” has been conducted in 2011 and 2012 for the European Commission.