At Öko-Recherche, scientific and technical expertise is linked to analytical and strategic competence, an orientation towards real-world application as well as problem-solving. Öko-Recherche provides practical input for decision-makers regarding complex matters.

We offer the following types of services:

  • Analyses, statements and evaluations of technical and political issues related to our research topics
  • Support in the context of national reporting obligations to the UNFCCC for fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases) (data compilation, methodology, review)
  • Development of models estimating demand and emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases and/or ozone depleting substances
  • Empirical and semi-empirical data collection related to activity data of F-gas application sectors
  • Development of calculation methods concerning climate and ozone protection
  • Mass flow analyses of fluorinated substances and other chemicals
  • Stakeholder dialogues and expert discussions surrounding our topics 

    (preparation, organisation, participation, documentation/follow-up)

  • Workshops and presentations related to our research topics (preparation, organisation, participation, documentation/follow-up)
  • Other services offered on request, please contact 


We do not carry out environmental analyses and measurements in laboratories.